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The story of my life
My ancestors were Spanish

My name is Domingo Diaz and I have been living in Spain
During my childhood. After finishing my studies I started
Suffering the terrible economic situation that my country is
Suffering. As it is not easy to get a job here, and every month
There is a terrible increase in prices. I am unhappy, my life
Is miserable, as I have to face an uncertain future because of
The lack of opportunities.

I have heard that Argentina is a good Country to live. Several
People that I know decided to emigrate there. The idea to move
Made me feel sad but I think is the best I can do. I hope to find
The opportunities there that I can not find here.
                                                                           D. Diaz
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Domingo Diaz who was my great-grandfather was born in Spain in .
At the age of twenty he decided to emigrate to Argentina because of
The terrible economic situation that his country was suffering.
Here in Argentina he lived in Tucuman, where he worked hard to have
His own house, then at the age of thirty he got married. They had only
One child, who was my father.

My parent’s weading was celebrated in 1960. My father was a
Good looking man, he was tall with dark hair I had to admit that
He was a very optimist person, because he always managed to
See the bright side of any situation. My mother is an opend-hearted
Woman but I had to admit that she is a quite-tempered person
And very demanding, but in spite of that I love her and I can
Image my life without her.

The most terrible thing that happened to me was my father’s death.
After that we decided to move to Buenos Aires where we bought
A new house. Finally in the picture you can see my older sister,
She is in her forties, she is quite tall with a round face. As I am
The youngest I always need her advice, when I am in trouble. In other
Word I am so happy to have them.

 Story Line


Tucuman Province

Tucuman is one of the most beatiful place of Argentina.
It is located in the Northwest of the country and its
Capital is called San Miguel de Tucuman. Most people
Called it The Republic Garden.
Despite Tucuman is a small place, it has a lot of amazing
Places to visit. The weather is nice. However, summer are
Long,hot and humid, with high temperature from November
To March.
Tucuman Province has been growing strongly in its economy,
Due to the main tourist attractions. What is more, the most
Visited destination of the Province are the National Park,
Valles Calchaquies, Tafi del Valle, Ruins of Quilmes,
The Diaguita Comunita of Amaincha del Valle and the City
The regional food is delicious, you can find there a food called
Tamal, which is made with cornflour and sweet made with sugar

A letter from Domingo to Gerardo

                                                                                           Thomas Avenue 39
                                                                                           November 1930

Dear Gerardo,
Hello, I hope you are fine. It has been a long time since I did not write
To you, but I have been busy working in order to save money. Despite
That it is very difficult to live in another country, I am so happy here, in
Argentina because it is a nice country.

I have known several people that gave me a sweet welcome. One of them
Is now my best friend who is called Susan. She is an attractive middle-aged
Writer who has a long and distinguished career. Susan who is in her fifties
Is quite tall an open-hearted woman with a round face and beautiful blue

Well, that is all for now. Please phone me when you can.

I am looking forward to hearing you soon.

Best wishes,
Domingo  Diaz